Putting research into practice

High quality veterinary research plays an important role in improving animal welfare.

AWF research projects are based on sound scientific principles and must have a practical and positive impact on raising animal welfare standards.

AWF is keen to support research that we can see will make a practical difference to animal welfare in a relatively short time period. We also pay particular attention to applicants’ communication plans. We want to be clear how the key messages from our research will be disseminated to the target audience – this is critical to achieving practical improvements in animal welfare.”
Dr Tiffany Hemming, AWF Chairman

We are currently supporting research into the disease and welfare of horses, cattle and sheep through our Norman Hayward Fund. In the last six years the Norman Hayward Fund has awarded more than £1 million to research projects in the UK.

In the last three years grants awarded have ranged in value from £12,000 - £200,000.
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