Leave a gift in your will

Founded with a generous legacy from Colleen Macleod, AWF aims to improve the welfare of all animals through veterinary science, education and debate.

How animals have benefitted from legacies to the AWF

Through AWF legacy funding, new diagnostics and treatments have been developed in a range of painful and contagious treatments in cattle, sheep, and horses, and cats have benefitted from pioneering work into pain management.  We have launched several research projects, which will be addressing lameness in sheep and cattle, and grass equine sickness in horses.

Animal welfare teaching

Legacies have been used to establish Animal Welfare Lectureships at three UK veterinary schools and now there is a framework for animal welfare teaching in all the UK veterinary schools which runs through all five years of  undergraduate veterinary curriculum.

By leaving a legacy or bequest to the AWF you will be helping improve the health and welfare of many different types of animal across the UK and yet it will cost you nothing in your lifetime.

Take a moment today to think about how you can support the AWF.

Learn more about how to support AWF through a legacy or email: helenb@bva.co.uk