AWF was established in 1983 to improve the welfare of all animals through veterinary science, education and debate. Set up and run by qualified vets, this professional approach underpins all our work.  We have a unique insight into the many challenges in animal welfare, and have the expertise and the passion to find and deliver solutions. 

“….perhaps most importantly, students now recognise welfare and ethics as subjects in their own right and consider their impact throughout their whole veterinary training.”    Dr Dorothy McKeegan, BVA Animal Welfare Foundation Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow

 Through AWF funding, new diagnostics and treatments have been developed in a range of painful and contagious treatments in cattle, sheep, and horses, and cats have benefitted from pioneering work into pain management.  .

"It has been known for a long-time that excessive body condition predisposed horses and ponies to laminitis. Our AWF study was important because it documented for the first time that not only does obesity increase the risk of laminitis, but when overweight horses get laminitis, they are more likely to die as a result compared to laminitis cases which are not overweight."  Prof Celia Marr, Rossdales,

But, this is a competitive world and AWF is a small charity which is totally dependent on the generosity of people like you to enable this important work to continue.  Spare a moment to see what we have achieved and what we are aspiring to do in the years ahead. 

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