2015 Discussion Forum

2015 AWF Discussion Forum WELCOME

AWF Chair of Trustees Tiffany Hemming.


Antimicrobial Resistance, the real world view

Presentation by Kitty Healey, Veterinary Medicines Directorate; Guy Carter, Medivet and Matt Dobbs, West Point Vet Group.


The Science of Slaughter

Presentation by Steve Wotton, Bristol University.


Bursting at the seams: companion animal population management

Presentation by Roly Owers, World Horse Welfare; Maggie Roberts, Cats Protection and David Martin, Brownlow Vet Group.


A treatment too far? - ethical dilemma session

Presentation by Dan Brockman, RVC and Paul Manktelow, PDSA.


2015 AWF Discussion Forum Closing remarks

AWF Chair of Trustees Tiffany Hemming.




Daniel Cotter, Royal Veterinary College.


Isabella McNally, Royal Veterinary College.


Laura Knight, Royal Veterinary College.


Tiffany Hemming, AWF Chair of Trustees.