About Us

AWF was founded to improve the welfare of animals. We fund researchsupport veterinary education, provide pet care advice and encourage debate on animal welfare issues. 

AWF was set up in 1983 by vets with a passion to alleviate unnecessary pain and suffering in all animals including farm animals, wild animals and pets. 

Since then, animal welfare has greatly improved but with emerging and evolving diseases ever present, and a continuing demand for welfare improvements and pet care advice, our work remains invaluable.

Our aim is for all animals to have good physical health and mental wellbeing.

AWF trustees are all qualified veterinary professionals. As vets and vet nurses are involved in all aspects of animal care this gives us a unique insight into animal welfare challenges and guides us towards possible solutions.



Animal Welfare Act

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We're working with other animal welfare charities and organisations to educate children about caring for animals 

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