The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is the representative body for the UK veterinary profession and supports over 15,000 vets at every stage of their career. AWF was founded by BVA members and retains close links. Our office is based at BVA HQ and our trustees and representatives are BVA members.

Working together 

The BVA's Ethics and Welfare Group (EWG) considers ethical issues arising from the interaction of animals with human society. EWG provides a forum where difficult issues can be questioned and challenged, and plays an integral role in developing BVA policy in any area relating to animal health and welfare. AWF has a representative on EWG and our annual Discussion Forum always includes at least one issue currently being reviewed by the Group.  

Issues EWG is currently working on:

- Welfare of livestock during transport - watch David Chennells' presentation at our 2014 Discussion Forum 

- Welfare at slaughter - watch Professor Bill Reilly's presentation at our 2013 Discussion Forum
The BVA has created an e-petition calling for an end to slaughter without pre-stunning for all animals. 

- Exotic pets

- Welfare of racehorses

- Welfare of circus animals

- The use of animal snares