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Monday May 8th 2017

Jacqui Paterson will present this talk and discussion at 6pm to RVC veterinary students on how to respond to requests from clients for the euthanasia of healthy companion animals.  

Wednesday April 26th 2017

This is our first welfare talk for veterinary nurse students.  Jacqui Paterson, AWF Rep, will visit Northumberland College to discuss the issues around animal hoarding.  If you would like to book your place please contact Stacey Bullock, Lecturer & Course Leader in Veterinary Nursing on

Saturday March 25th 2017

AWF Rep, Jacqui Paterson, will give a presentation on Exotics at this year's LUVZS Northern Zoological Symposium, which is open to vet students from across the country.

The talk takes place on Saturday 25th March at 12.20pm and is a chance for veterinary students to learn about exotics husbandry from an experienced vet.  

More details and to book tickets.

Tuesday February 28th 2017

For more information and too book your place, please contact Rachel Ellis


Thursday February 2nd 2017

AWF Chair and trustee, Chris Laurence, will present a talk to Liverpool University vet students on Dangerous Dogs on 2 February from 7-9pm.  For more information and to book please contact Katie Burden:

Wednesday February 1st 2017

AWF Rep, Liz Ormerod will present a talk to Edinburgh vet students on responding to requests from clients for the euthanasia of healthy pets on 1st February at 1pm.  For more information and to book please contact Olivia Dower-Tylee:

Tuesday January 31st 2017

For full details and to book, please contact Elli Hullis:

Tuesday January 24th 2017

AWF Rep, Kate Hovers will present a talk to Cambridge vet students on why sheep are not stupid on 24th January at 6.30pm.  For more information and to book please contact Ed Pilkington, President of the Cambridge Farm Animal Veterinary Society: 

Wednesday October 5th 2016

Edinburgh University, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies - 5 Oct 2016

Monday June 6th 2016

In the 2016 AWF annual Discussion Forum we discussed The Animal Welfare Act, Non Traditional Companion Animals (Exotics) and The Role of the Vet and the Economics of Intensive Farming.

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