AWF Student GrantsIn 2016 AWF launched its new student grant scheme. Through the scheme, AWF has expanded its funded research into new areas of welfare and species hitherto not covered by our work.  


We invited applications from students of veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing and agricultural studies. As with all AWF grants, it was important that projects were based on sound scientific principles and designed to have a practical and positive impact on raising animal welfare standards.


The following six projects were awarded funding and will start in summer 2017:


Evaluation of the prevalence, nature and distribution of skin wounds in donkeys in Tamilnadu, India.

Why do people adopt rescue dogs from abroad and what health and welfare problems are associated with this?

Public perception and poultry production: Comparing awareness with published data in the UK broiler poultry industry.

Deciphering the microbiome of infectious lameness causing lesions in dairy cattle.

The impact of dairy farm management strategies on welfare using morbidity rates, mortality rates and health records as indicators of welfare.

Investigating parasite burdens and immunocompetence of orphaned greater one-horned rhino (Rhinoceros unicornis) and Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) calves in Kaziranga National Park, and Manas National Park, Assam, India.