AWF wishes to expand the scope of its research grants to include any species and encourage small projects.  Apply before 4th November if you have an idea for research that could have a practical and positive impact on raising animal welfare standards and is based on sound scientific principles.


We welcome applications for scientific research into any species. As well as stand-alone projects, we would accept applications for a series of projects or a pilot that could be later expanded into a bigger project.

Who can apply? 

The scheme is open to veterinary students studying veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing and agricultural studies, who will have completed 2 years of study by the start of the project and to students studying for an MSc.

Value of grant

The grant will cover the costs of the project and will allow for a stipend to be paid to the student undertaking the research. The stipend will be equivalent to the national minimum wage.

grant requirements

  • Students must undertake a research project that contributes to animal welfare in a practical and demonstrable way
  • There should be a reasonably achievable objective in the time available (8-12 weeks)
  • Projects must have a staff supervisor
  • A short lay summary plus a final report must be sent to AWF within two months of the project’s completion

how to apply

Before applying, please read the AWF grant application guidelines and the terms and conditions:

Application Form & Guidelines

Terms & Conditions


  • Nov 4th 2016:  Deadline for applications 
  • Dec 2016:  Successful MSc applicants notified
  • Feb 2017:  Successful undergraduate applicants notified
  • July 2017:  Projects begin


Email:  Tel: 0207 908 6375