How your support helps

What is unique about the Animal Welfare Foundation?

We are the veterinary profession’s own animal welfare charity, providing a unique approach to tackling difficult animal welfare issues and concerns, creating a platform of support and advice for vets and the public, and influencing future animal welfare policy. 

AWF is a small charity which is totally dependent on the generosity of people like you to enable this important work to continue.  Every donation counts however small, it really can make a difference.

Below are a few examples of how your money can help us: 

(1) Support innovative and applied research into animal welfare 


To date we’ve invested millions in research projects which have led to breakthrough diagnostics and treatments in many species, ranging from painful and contagious diseases in cattle, sheep, and horses, and pioneering pain management work for cats.

With your support we can fund new research into key animal welfare issues including small animals but also pigs, poultry, wild and working animals.  


(2) Encourage vets to become animal welfare advocates and educators 


Veterinary schools teach the science and (thanks to AWF) increasingly ethical and animal welfare considerations too.  We want veterinary students to always think holistically about the wellbeing of animals in their care, to consider their physiological, psychological and behavioural needs and to consider the needs of the owners so they become both effective advocates for the animals and educators of owners to encourage responsible animal ownership.  AWF Student Forums encourage students to engage in lively debates about topical animal welfare issues and real life case studies are presented, giving students an insight into the ethical, veterinary and legal implications of situations they will be facing.

With your support we can expand on these incredibly popular student forums, reaching a larger audience and investing in the vets of our future. 

(3) Encourage responsible pet ownership and positive animal welfare


We’ve produced a significant range of informative and accessible guides for pet owners. Welcomed by veterinary surgeries, these guides have helped to safeguard pets, educate owners and support vets in their daily work.

With your support we can increase our range of advisory material, printed and web based, to encourage responsible pet ownership and enlarge our collection of short films. 


(4) Influence engagement in animal welfare within the veterinary profession 


We host hugely popular discussion forums, where practicing vets, veterinary students and nurses and many other industry related professionals, tackle a range of issues raised by the profession as serious concerns, and seek practical solutions through sharing views. It has raised the profile of a variety of serious animal welfare issues and has led to new research and to the development of policies.  

With your support we can increase the capacity and reach of this flagship event, encouraging further stakeholders to become involved and pave the way for additional and significant animal welfare driven policies.