The Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) today thanked Shire Insurance Services for its generous donation of almost £1,000, which will help support AWF continue in its mission to improve animal welfare through science, education and debate. 

In our afternoon 'Practice Practicals' session, our two speakers will present their experiences of how new practice management strategies can benefit animal welfare.


In an ideal world, prospective animal owners would visit a veterinary practice for advice before making the decision to take on a new animal.  But with many practices not marketing themselves to potential owners, a lot of future clients don’t identify veterinary practices as a source of advice prior to purchase.

Find out more about the Q&A session at this year's Discussion Forum, which focusses on influencing client behaviour for better welfare.


An animal’s welfare and wellbeing is in the hands of all those who own and care for them, so the ability to persuade animal owners to ‘do the right’ thing for their pets has become a crucial part of a veterinary professional’s role. 

Join our morning debate session at the Discussion Forum as we ask "Is insurance compromising quality of life?"


Many clients now expect their pets to be treated to human healthcare standards and this puts pressure on veterinary practices and increasingly, where animals are insured, pet insurance providers.  

With the 2018 Discussion Forum only two months away, we talked to speaker Stephanie Writer-Davies, SVP of the Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons (SPVS) about her session “Practice Practicals” which looks at how practice management strategies can benefit animal welfare.

Simon Wheeler, CEO of Agria Pet Insurance is one of three speakers in our big debate session at the 2018 Discussion Forum.  He’ll be providing the insurance industry perspective as we ask "Is insurance compromising quality of life?"  We asked him to elaborate on the topic in our Q&A session.

Companion animal and exotics vet Daniella dos Santos will be going the extra mile at the Virgin London Marathon (22 April) by running in an ostrich costume to raise money for the vet-led charity Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF).

The 2018 Discussion Forum is rapidly approaching so we caught up with Sarah Wolfensohn, Professor of Animal Welfare at Surrey University and a speaker for our Big Debate session; “Is insurance compromising quality of life?”

Responding to Michael Gove’s call for evidence on banning third party puppy sales, and the raft of measures laid in Parliament today, the President of the British Veterinary Association John Fishwick said:

“As vets, we see first-hand the tragic consequences that can result from poorly bred puppies so it’s encouraging to see the Government announce this raft of measures to improve dog welfare.

Following the runaway success of our 2011 horse welfare series, AWF has launched a new series of films to educate owners on key health and welfare issues in horses. The films cover body condition scoring, teeth care, euthanasia and stereotypical behaviour.  Similar to AWF’s printed leaflets, these films provide vets with an extra resource to share with clients on subjects that they will be speaking to them about on a regular basis.