AWF funds research to improve health and welfare of cats

AWF has awarded grants to support two feline research projects, providing a unique opportunity for cats to benefit from advances in veterinary medicine. The funds come from a legacy left by GP West, author of Black’s Veterinary Dictionary.  

Alan Radford will lead a team at Liverpool University to apply modern genetic sequencing techniques to improve understanding of the causes of gastrointestinal and respiratory disease in cats.

Alan Radford said:

"There are not many opportunities to secure meaningful research funding targeted at cats. This AWF support will not only produce new information on feline infections, but the sequences we generate will be available to other researchers, providing a long term benefit to feline welfare."

The second project, led by Dr Emily Blackwell of Bristol University, will investigate possible links between stress and certain types of skin disease in cats (feline pruritus). 

Emily said:

"Identification of potential risk factors will enable the development of preventative behavioural advice, which can be used to reduce or eliminate the need for medication, as well as improving the quality of life of the cat itself."