Pet care advice

Written by vets, loved by pets. Click on a topic to download pet care advice. Information provided is for guidance and should not be used to diagnose or treat a veterinary problem. If you think your pet is sick or injured you must consult a vet.

You can order leaflets by emailing  Just let us know which leaflets you’d like and how many and make sure to include your postal address.  Available in print are Caring for rabbits - Pets and Poisons - Pre and Post Operative Care - Saying Goodbye - Taking your pets abroad- What makes my pet happy?

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Animal Welfare Act

Do you understand your legal responsibilities if you have a pet or look after animals?

more pet education info

We're working with other animal welfare charities and organisations to educate children about caring for animals 

Thinking of buying a puppy?

Use the AWF/RSPCA Puppy Contract