Student talks and debates

If you would like an AWF speaker to deliver a talk or debate at your vet school, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to make arrangements.  Giving us the date well in advance increases the chance of your chosen speaker being available. Got another idea? AWF may still be able to support you - just get in touch

Download more information on hosting an AWF welfare talk here.


  Talk Speaker
1 Dangerous Dogs: It's Complicated! Chris Laurence, AWF Trustee
2 The welfare of exotic pets: education or legislation? Jacqui Paterson, AWF Rep (North East)
3 Hoarding is not kindly shelter - looking at hoarding cases of all sorts of animals, supported by some very interesting photos! Jacqui Paterson, AWF Rep (North East)
4 When should the farm vet reach for the gun?  If there is no licensed gun available how can chemical euthanasia be carried out humanely? Graham Duncanson, AWF Trustee
5 Sheep are not stupid:  their behaviour is subtle and they shouldn’t be left to suffer  Kate Hovers, AWF Rep, Wales
6 How to respond to requests from clients for the euthanasia of healthy companion animals Various speakers
7 Zoo animal welfare     Various speakers
8 Benefits & drawbacks of captivity    David Williams, AWF Rep
9 Welfare at Slaughter     Various speakers

AMR in production animals

Various speakers
11 A Jump too far: the ethics and welfare of using horses in sport  Graham Duncanson / Ben Mayes (AWF trustees)
12 Farm animal welfare: a taster of farm animal welfare problems young vets could be faced with in practice Lewis Grant / David Williams (AWF Reps)