Although many improvements in animal welfare have been made over the last few decades, the sheer enormity of animals within the UK and worldwide, means that serious animal welfare issues remain. The ethical and practical considerations facing society with intensive farming versus animal welfare, emerging diseases and increase in number and variety of pets; means we are still constantly reminded of the continued and urgent need for our work.  Examples of animal neglect, cruelty, avoidable illness and disease are all too visible, and the need to address these cannot be ignored.  

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Did you know?

With the UK pet population at 65 million animals, guidance and advice is needed more than ever to ensure pet owners give their pets the best possible care.

Cows have feelings too…There are up to 100 million livestock animals within the UK (excluding chickens where meat chickens alone we rear around 1000 million a year) needing support, treatment and research to improve welfare practices to ensure their welfare remains a priority to stakeholders.   

Increased trade in exotic animals, growing concerns over pet obesity and emerging and evolving diseases ever present, our work remains invaluable, which is why we need to continue investing in, and ensure that welfare is made a priority for all animals.

Why we need your support

AWF was set up in 1983 by vets with a passion to improve the welfare of all animals through veterinary science, education and debate.  Its vision is to alleviate pain and suffering in all animals. 

It's still run by vets and this professional approach underpins all our work. We have a unique insight into the many challenges facing us in animal welfare and the expertise and passion to find and deliver solutions.

Through AWF funding, new diagnostics and treatments have been developed for a range of conditions in cattle, sheep, and horses, and cats have benefitted from pioneering work into pain management.  .

But, this is a competitive world and AWF is a small charity which is totally dependent on the generosity of people like you to enable this important work to continue.  Spare a moment to see what we have achieved and what we are aspiring to do in the years ahead.