What would you do? case studies

Our 'What would you do?' case studies suggest approaches to veterinary dilemmas. Each case is based on a real life scenario.  Click on the pdf file to read or download. 

  • A grey area pdf – economic, practical and ethical considerations of veterinary treatment of greyhounds at racetracks.
  • Beagle Dreams pdf – the role of vets within the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 
  • Forgotten Flopsy.pdf – an owner is failing to meet the duty of care towards their pet rabbit.

  • In the dock.pdf - explores the legality of tail docking in dogs and how a vet should proceed when the law has been broken.
  • Ninth Life.pdf – an owner refuses veterinary advice to euthanase their pet.
  • Show me good welfare.pdf - raises questions about animal welfare assessment and the need to consider both physical and mental determinants of welfare.
  • Eye watering.pdf - a newly-qualified vet wants to adopt higher standards of analgesia during routine surgical procedures. How could they effect a culture change in their practice and clients?
  • Jellied Fish.pdf - the practicalities of managing a jellyfish bloom in farmed salmon and ways to minimise the welfare impact on the surviving fish. 
  • Organic sheep, the crunch.pdf - knowledge of organic standards and protocols required to successfully treat an outbreak of an infectious disease on an organic sheep farm. 
  • Ruffled feathers.pdf – demonstrates the need for accurate and sympathetic history-taking to establish the facts behind the neglect of a flock of chickens. 
  • While the cat is away.pdf – inadequate treatment has caused two dairy cows to suffer. How will the vet achieve an acceptable outcome for the cows and negotiate the politics of the situation?